State of the Union, State of OUR Union


I’m what most would consider a good American. I work for a living, pay my own bills, vote and try to stay apprised of the issues. I am married, own a home and file my tax returns in a timely manner.

In other words – I play by the rules.

But it’s one day after our President’s State of the Union Address and I’m left with cause to think about exactly what gives rise to global resistance movements that are calling for change in so many areas.

President Obama spoke to education reform, adjusting tax brackets and encouraging small businesses. He spoke to many initiatives that all people can believe in, but also ones that people from different camps disagree on. And regardless of political affiliation, many can agree that Washington is stuck in a perpetual lock-down, each side refusing to hear the rational arguments of the other.

This congressional gridlock is forcing people from outside of governmental influence to come together, bring their ideas about what a better United States would look like. They’re doing it on a grand scale with things like Occupy Wall Street, but they’re taking on the everyday with small steps in their own lives, too.

Here at Metamorphosis, we’ll be examining many of the global resistance movements that aim to change the status quo, both here in the U.S. and around the globe. This is just the beginning of what we hope to be a genuine conversation – one aimed at discussing the problems and discovering the solutions – so chime in to tell us what you’re facing.

So, what global resistance movements are you seeing, or are you involved in? How do you see change developing in a world so engrained in what’s already done? What was one thing that President Obama said in his address last night that you agree or disagree with, and how do you propose a change?

And perhaps more importantly – what’s one step you can make (or, have made) today that can change your tomorrow?

Let us hear it!



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