Holistic Stress Management


The New Age Movement focuses on many different areas of one’s life. From food, health and meditation to holistic education and spiritual foundations, this movement seeks to help individuals find a calm place in the chaos of the world.

As mentioned in Emerge Your Body & Soul into a World of Meditation, stress comes in many forms and it varies upon the individual. Some meditate 5-10 minutes everyday. Others find serenity through different stretches/yoga moves. Finding the correct form of managing your stress will help you with your holistic health.

This video is filled with different ways to find the correct form of stress management for you. The video expands on your nutritional diet, physical exercise and more.

Which technique will you try?

Are you ready to LIVE a holistic life and maximize your energy?


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  3. Stress can be defined many different ways. The most common definition is, stress is the body’s response to an outside situation in one’s life. Stress effects one’s environment, life and others around them in many ways. Sometimes these situations get the better of us and we have trouble dealing with the feelings of stress. You may become irritable, hostile, angry or overly sensitive just to name a few. Sometimes our physical body deals with the stress in an unhealthy way as well. You may have high blood pressure, become depressed, develop ulcers, or have a heart attack. It is important to learn what your stress triggers are and how to deal with both the triggers and the effects. Only by learning this will you be able to successfully manage your stress.:

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