Hmmmmmmmmmmmm (shhhh I’m meditating)


When thinking about meditation, religion’s such as Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern spiritual beliefs may come to mind. Meditation helped to bring individuals to a certain internal state of relaxation and tranquility. This state will help one to focus and concentrate on spiritual and sacred beings in their lives.

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While the popularity of meditation did begin in these cultures, it is no longer is being forced to reside there. Meditation is being used commonly used outside of religious purposes to relieve stress and give people a way to focus, and think through the millions of thoughts that pass through our minds in a day. Relieving the build up of all these thoughts through a meditation session will allow one to lead a lifestyle with less stress more sleep and a more focused attitude. Sounds great right? So why isn’t everyone joining in?

In order to perform meditation correctly the Mayo Clinic tells us there are a few things we need:

  • Focused attention
  • Relaxed breathing
  • A quiet setting
  • A comfortable setting

Sounds simple, but a quiet setting doesn’t come so easily these days with cell phones ringing, and work and school commitments filling our days. I don’t know about you, but when I do get time to relax it usually involves a television or sleep. Meditation is all about training your mind to reach a state of consciousness. You must be willing to adhere fully to all above requirements and make TIME for yourself to complete them.

Here’s a video that admits the difficulties of finding time to meditate but shows you how you can have one minute meditation. It also let’s us know that it is normal and okay for our mind to wander during meditation.  I like to call it meditation for dummies 🙂 If nothing else it will force you to test out this whole meditation thing for a minute.

Will you try it? If yes tell me your experience. If not what’s stopping you?




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  1. On a scale from 1-10 I would rate the ease of incorporation of this holistic technique into your lifestyle as an 8. Finding the time is the most difficult part.

    On a scale from 1-10 I would rate the effectiveness of balancing the mind, body and spirit a 5. Not everyone can fully get balanced with only one minute a day. More mediation knowledge and techniques may help to fully achieve the balance, but this is a nice start.

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