A world of give and take, and take


I’m working out a few ideas for what might be a great story – I hope you’ll all provide some insight as to where you want this story to go. Please – don’t be shy!


It’s Sunday, so she’s looking forward to coupons in the paper that help plan out the weekly trip to the local grocer.

Her experience tells her that the rolls of toilet paper she’s clipping a 3-by-3 inch coupon for won’t be on sale this week, but she files it away in a tiny blue box that lives permanently in her purse, filled with opportunities she needs to save money in the future.

* * *

It’s Sunday, so he’s up early checking his Blackberry for messages while he pours himself a black cup of coffee. Sugar is wasted on his tastebuds; milk seems childish mixed with his morning ritual.

And somewhere near the bottom of his inbox full of unread emails, there’s a memo from the HR department confirming the final numbers after crunching cost savings from the more than 900 employees across the company taking a week off work, unpaid.

* * *

The two people don’t know each other, but their checks are written and signed by the same automated machine, digitally embossing the signature of their shared superior on the line. Their lives, however, couldn’t be more different.

The lines between the common worker and the c-suite are clearly drawn.

Unfortunately, the line out the door seems nonexistent.

Why do these workers feel trapped? What’s causing them to continue working for corporations that very clearly do not consider their well being when making these decisions?

And more importantly, how long has this been happening if corporations feel this is an entirely acceptable practice?


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