Hanging Around for a More Holistic Health


As they hang from the ceiling feeling the blood rush to their head, eyes roll back, core muscles tighten…they feel calm and relaxed. Gravity has taken control and they are okay with that. For a single moment they are realizing the elements in the room and yet still stay focused on their meditation.

The New Age Movement has turned individuals upside-down during their pursuit for a cleansed and holistic lifestyle.

This Movement has brought individuals together to find serenity, energy and relaxation through different avenues. These avenues can be through spiritual engagement, nutritional dieting, meditation and more. A combination of spiritual and meditation can be found through various forms of exercise.

Their toes dangle towards the sky and they feel a spiritual awakening that allows them to freely dream.

Holistic exercising focuses on living in harmony. A form of this spiritual evolution is holistic yoga. Holistic yoga allows individuals to engage in various forms of the yoga exercise. A group of holistic yoga junkies (also known as yogis) have come together to create an energy that goes beyond the everyday yoga class. This group is part of an aerial yoga community that spreads across the world. Aerial yoga is a combination of basic yoga moves that face the force of gravity. The individual will use a fabric trapeze to perform each pose.

Here is an example of a class using the fabric trapeze:

Photo credited to Epic Self

I can barley find my balance on the ground, now you want me to do these poses upside-down in a thin hammock? Yes, it sounds a bit daring; however this will help stretch your muscles, help your everyday stress level and keep your health holistic.

“Being suspended allows you to experience deep backward curves and forward bends while always being supported. Sometimes, you struggle to get that from the floor.” –Anonymous

Aerial yoga takes an individual to a different flight of yoga abilities.  The traditional tree pose has a different effect upside-down as the blood rushes to one’s head.  Yogis feel strong from their inner core and out while practicing this technique.

As the class turns into the pigeon pose in unison, the harp in the background strikes and all tension fades. 

To get an idea for some of these basic yoga stretches in the form of aerial yoga, refer to this video:


It is neat to see how overtime our bodies can become familiar with the moves. One can tell that she has been doing this for a while!

On a scale from 1-10 the ease of incorporating this technique into your daily lifestyle is a 7. I think it will take time, endurance and the will power to go to this class and stick with it. The success of a “balance of mind, body and spirit” is a 9! Wow, I really believe you are balancing more than your body with this exercise! What do you think??


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