The Aerial View


As they scale their legs up the trapeze, the drums beat faster…

The individuals that practice aerial yoga are seeking a calm place to stretch and meditate. The inversions help them relax and keep a healthy lifestyle. This video elaborates on the “playground feel” of  aerial yoga and how it can improve one’s health.

Do you remember hanging from the monkey-bars at recess? Aerial yoga gives the same feeling; however it offers more options for flexible moves and traditional yoga poses.


Photo Source: Emmapeell

Some individuals have even set up their own aerial yoga practice in their homes. Having the right ceiling support, properly hanging the trapeze and placing a mat below the trapeze will allow for a safe experience.

See how this individual demonstrates the practice in their home:

It is recommended that individuals do not eat two hours prior to practicing aerial yoga. Some poses require going upside down and spinning the body in various directions. Students should also be prepared to alternate the pose to best fit their own level of aerial yoga. No one should feel like they have to perform a pose to it’s fullest the first time! No matter how a student demonstrates the pose, their health is improving by taking the time and energy to engage in this type of exercise.


 Photo Source: Studio Revolution

Holistic health keeps individuals determined to take care of their body, mind and spirit. Aerial yoga is one of many exercises that holistic health seekers practice. It truly helps an individual’s well-being.

Do you seek a holistic lifestyle? Maybe it’s time you try aerial yoga! 

A normal aerial yoga class ends with the students wrapping themselves in the trapeze for a deep meditation. As will a traditional yoga class, the class will meditate for 1-5 minutes. The class can engage in short “hmmms” and “ummmms” and close the class with their hands to their hearts in the prayer position.

Photo Source: Enliven Wellness 

As the fabric winds around the body, all eyelids close and the music softens…


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  1. This is so interesting and it seems to me like it would be more relaxing than regular yoga. The concept of doing various positions in regards to concepts we experiences during childhood makes this more intriguing.

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