Global Resistance And Your Local RFP


Have you ever considered that shopping at Wal-Mart or getting the best price for services is in many ways, similar to a multinational corporation outsourcing labor its labor?

A common business practice called the RFP (Request For Proposal) has been a standard for years.  Here’s a clip describe the process with a sense of humor (click here).

Now, in the US and worldwide, we use Google for our own individualized RFP process – diligently insuring we always get the best deal and the cheapest product available. But we don’t stop there.  We also do this for common services as well; shrewdly, asking service providers for bids and quotes.  However, have you ever considered the ramifications of this low-bid practice?  In my upcoming article titled “Global Resistance And Your Local RFP.” I make the argument that as a nation, we are in a free-market process of diminishing our communities, distancing our relationships and our ignoring our humanity.



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  1. Ooo! I’m looking forward to the next article! You related this back really well with the “McDonaldization of Society”. Nice one!

  2. I love the video! I have been through various RFPs at work, and the last one played out in this exact manner. It is sad that people are aware of this, but make no changes to improve the process.

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