The power of the gong


Gong meditation is becoming a popular guided meditation strategy that utilizes the power of sound. The vibrations that are admitted from a 32′ inch gong are said to be powerful ways to clear subconcious fears. As you listen to the gong’s sound, it will penetrate every cell and fiber of your body.  The consequence is that your mind and body enter into a deep state of meditation where deep healing is possible.

Harmony Gongs  was established by Michelle Heasman who lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Michelle practices in the area of meditation, relaxation and healing work using two beautiful symphonic gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, chakra energy chimes and other vibrational sound instruments.”The sound is organic, deep and nurturing”, she says.  “The living tones build upon each other and evolve on their own, producing a sea or sound that is both timeless and alive. We not only hear the sound through our ears but through our bodies. Within this experience, tensions are released, blockages cleared and the mind is at a place of true stillness.”

Try to feel the vibrations of the different sounds in this video.

How do the different sounds make you feel?

Finding a Gong or Tibetan singing bowls in your area may prove to be difficult so I would rate this meditation technique a 4/10 for difficulty. I find the sounds to be particularly strong and relaxing though, so I would give the effectiveness of this technique an  8/10.


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