Lessons Learned from Occupy


What started as a wildfire in September has now been deemed nothing more than a smoldering fire by the mainstream media. Despite the lack of headlines covering Occupy in the mainstream media right now, Occupy Wall Street has not lost its following or strength. As the tents come down one by one in cities across the nation, there are invaluable lessons we have learned from the Occupy movement thus far. Over the next couple of blog posts, I will outline some of the insight gained through the social movement. As we discussed, Metamorphosis is about understanding the world around you and choosing to make a difference big or small in order to bring about change. Occupy continues to demonstrate how individuals can come together and make changes.

With each new eviction, Occupy Wall Street has taught us that indeed our government officials can work together effectively and efficiently to pass legislation. In many cities where individuals took up residence for weeks and even months in public parks it was a perfectly legal action. As the protests wore on, and many in public office became concerned with their own agendas and power, quickly it became illegal in cities across the nation to camp overnight in public parks, and protesters were evicted one by one. Occupy Nashville is one of the latest encampments evicted after the passing of legislation. Politicians claim the legislation is to return the public space to the public so all can enjoy. Walking a thin line, the politicians spin the legislation as a ban on the camping not the protesting, and welcome the protesters back to War Memorial Plaza to voice their grievances.

The secret is now out: our politicians can work together. Occupy has shown us that indeed our politicians can work together; we just need to demand they continue to work together. There is so much talk about partisan lines and a lot of “he said she said” on Capitol Hill. I promise I can handle the truth Washington, so please decide to speak it. No longer can you use the excuse of not cooperating, because clearly you are able to cooperate, at least on issues that threaten YOUR well-being. Now let’s cooperate on issues that threaten the well-being of your constituents.

Don’t be fooled by the media reports claiming that Occupy has dissolved or is a movement that has not done anything. Occupy has and continues to make a difference in cities across the nation and globe. Whether you are pro- or anti-Occupy, it cannot be denied that the movement has started a much needed conversation, and continues to do so. The tents may be down, but Occupy continues to teach.

Check back for more insight learned from Occupy


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