Community Members Zumba for Better Health


A new health campaign has taken the spotlight! All across the world individuals are partaking in a New Age Movement exercise called Zumba. An exhilarating and upbeat approach to living a holistic lifestyle, communities have formed Zumba classes to achieve better health.

For many community members, Zumba has become a way of life. Zumba classes have formed at local churches, city buildings and fitness centers. From children to elderly, Zumba has changed health for the better.

“I attend three to four Zumba classes a week with different instructors,” said Kathy Woeste. “Zumba is a fun and motivational way to maintain my holistic lifesyle.”

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a latin-based fitness program that was formed by “accident.” Alberto “Beto” Perez, a resident of Cali, Colombia, is the founder of Zumba Fitness. He was teaching fitness classes in Colombia and forgot to bring his music to class with him one day. He grabbed some music from his backpack and started to move to the music. Focusing on the movements of the body and the healthy aspects of the class, Zumba Fitness was formed.

Zumba Fitness has a mission that states “At Zumba Fitness LLC, our vision is to fill the world’s empty rooms with Zumba® classes. Working hand-in-hand with our most dedicated Zumba Instructors (called ZIN™ members), together, our goal is to spread the philosophy of health and happiness and of loving everything you do, especially your workout.” This mission keeps each Zumba class on the same track and toward a better lifestyle.

Zumba helps individuals get on a healthy track and maintain their healthy lifestyle. The sprit and working of the inner core is the main ingredient to living a holistic life. The holistic lifestyle approach, which stems from the New Age Movement, can be achieved through puzzle pieces of choices. Not only does the individual better their body through exercise, but their spiritual/religious and eating habits are taken into account.

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