Americans have been resisting for over 200 hundred years – So let’s keep counting!

If you really want to resist, just be “more” American.  Yeah, I know it’s cool to say you are a worldly individual and that we are all citizens of the world, but the truth be told, if you want to resist, just do the following: One, re-study your American history perhaps beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the first 10 amendments of the Constitution better known as the Bill of Rights.  Two, stop looking for collaboration, building bridges or building a consensus.   And three – start decentralizing government – federal, state and local.

Sound radical?  Well, it shouldn’t – we’ve been gradually lulled into believing that it is…  So remember, resistance – local or global – is the American way.   I will attempt to explain my thoughts in my next article discussing American = Resistance.


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