What do you do when the grownups are getting it all wrong?


Grownups run the shows and world-changing events, and kids/youth just sit back and watch. That’s the case most of the time whenever something big is going on. Events like the Arab Spring, Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions, and the Occupy global movements are huge stepping stones for the youth to wake up and take action, and the grownups to sit back and watch as things begin to change.

Young minds are filled with ideas of change and resisting what is wrong or inadequate. However no one seems to hear their voices, or tries to extract their talents and ideas. My last post had highlighted young students in Pakistan and India taking on their own governments, not through protests, but through dialogue and an initiative called Aman Ki Asha (Hope for Peace).

Back here in the U.S., youth are socially charged with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They are in charge of what they want to see and what they don’t, and if they see something inspiring, or inaccurate, they’ll comment, send an email, start a petition, and spread the word like an Internet wildfire. It’ll reach hundreds to thousands, possibly millions, of people before it makes the evening news. Young people know what’s up!

ABCNews had recently aired a story of a 4th grade class in Brookline, Massachusetts, taking on Hollywood. This particular story really entails what young people are capable of, and how they can change the world, one step (or email) at a time. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is an environmentalist, in the books; the only voice trying to save the trees from a greedy factory owner cutting down the trees. However, this 4th grade class noticed, on The Lorax movie website, there was nothing about “Going Green” or the Lorax speaking out for the trees, or saving the environment. Through the website Change.org, the 4th graders started an online petition versus Universal Studios to put up changes. The result; Hollywood listened and on the website now are tips for kids on how to save the environment and how to be an “environmental hero” like the Lorax.

It’s a MUST WATCH news clip from ABCNews as it entails what Metamorphosis is trying to inspire people to do; change. This 4th grade class was selected as the “Person of the Week” on February 17, 2012.

Change.org is an online petition site that helps people communicate in mass numbers to spark change in the “grownups” of our world. There are hundreds of petitions started daily, according to the CEO, Ben Rattray, and these petitions start from all over the world. In the news clip above, there were two other stories highlighted; Bank of America’s stop to debit card fees, and the plight of women drivers in Saudi Arabia, both petitions started on Change.org. The site helps a passion for a cause into effective action, as well as empowers people to make a difference in their communities and their surrounding world.

There is another site similar to Change.org, called Avaaz.org. It means “voice”, and it is “The World in Action”. Avaaz.org “is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere.” Launched in 2007, it is very similar to Change.org, but more focused on political issues, regional and national issues, corruption in governments, and battling human rights issues. Currently, Avaaz.org is focused on the humanitarian crisis in Syria and making every effort it can to place mounting pressure on the Arab League, as well as European and U.S. powers to stop the violence. Petitions are signed through emails; all you do is register your email on the website, and whenever an cause comes up that you feel strongly about, you put in your email and you have “signed” the petition, that’s it. You can also see who else has signed at the same time, by people from all over the world.

These are little steps to help bring big change, not only to corrupt governments, but also greedy corporations.


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I like to write for the enjoyment of telling a story. My passion is writing and living a story. I love to watch movies, listen to music, and read various interesting articles, and then voice my opinions and thoughts about them. I also love to travel to new places, and even explore and discover new places in my hometown of Cincinnati. Driving around is a story within itself.

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