Laugh your way to a better life


The sayings, “A frown uses more muscles than a smile” and “laughter is the best medicine” are all too common, but are they based on facts, or just quotes to help us create positive aspects on life?

Laughter and smiling are a form of communication, a mechanism that everyone, no matter what language, can speak. Laughter puts us in a state of eustress vs. of being in a state of distress. Being around others and laughing releases a chemical messenger to our brain called dopamine, that makes us feel good all around. Laughter helps us form interpersonal relationships with other people, which are necessary for happy, healthy lives socially and emotionally. Laughter can cause feelings of being apart of a group and sharing acceptance and positive interactions. When you laugh you are removing all inhibitions and allowing your personality to shine through. Laughing with others can help you relax and not focus on distressing emotions. The psychological effects of laughter are endless.

Not convinced? Laughter also has proven medical benefits such as

  • Lowering blood pressure, giving more oxygen to the blood vessels allowing blood to flow freely throughout the body
  • Reducing the stress hormone cortisol
  • Raising immunoglobulin A, which helps our immune systems
  • Increases cytokine, a white blood cell that prevents illness
  • Endothelium dilation, which increases blood flow protecting us from hear disease
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Increases endorphins. The body’s natural painkillers

A lot of people are unaware that laughing is also an exercise. When you laugh for 20 seconds, you have successfully done 3 minutes of hard stationary jogging.

Not to mention, laughing works over 15 facial muscles, which helps takes away, wrinkles and worry lines.

Need some inspiration? Well luckily laughter is one of the most contagious acts a human take part in, so watch this video and LAUGH! I dare you not to.




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