The secret to keeping your lent commitment this year.


Tis the season for Catholics all over the world to give up something special in order in pay our respects to Jesus who is said to have walked through the desert for 40 days. Lenton Season begins today, with Ash Wednesday,  where one fasts and reflects until Easter Sunday.  Here’s a short video describing further what Catholics receive through this ritual.

About this time each year we all hear our friends and family members give up their most precious luxuries or even those things we might call ourselves addicted to. Giving up chocolate, alcohol and even texting and driving are among things I have overheard people vow to live without over the course of the next 40 days. While many people seek out moral support from family and friends to stick to these vows, I see this ritual as  a testament to your inner strength and conviction. Forty days is a long time to live with something you are used to doing or enjoying, so while it is a tough test to pass it can be done, with the help of mindful meditation.

Mindful meditation uses your posture, breathing, thoughts and feelings in order to come to a state of self-awareness. This self-awareness will allow you to see that it’s okay to crave these things that you have given up, and judging yourself will only make your goal more difficult. This self-awareness mixed with your faith will allow you to find the strength within yourself to resist temptation.

If you need more help this video will help guide you to an acceptance of your thoughts and feelings

Sidenote: Even you are not Catholic, this ritual is a great way for everyone to practice discipline and test their inner strength, so everyone should give it a try!


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