May Day!

May Day!

Ever wanted a good reason to skip school or call in “sick” to work? Now is your chance! Occupy Wall Street is organizing a general strike on May 1, 2012. Everyone is invited to ditch work, school, shopping, going to the bank and even chores for a good cause and take to the streets to show the 1% what it would be like without the other 99%. Occupy groups across the nation are preparing to stage a general strike and let their voices be heard.

The last general strike in the U.S. was in 1946, when 100,000 workers took to the streets from 142 unions in Oakland’s Alameda County for a “work holiday” in solidarity with striking retail clerks. A general strike is formally defined as a mass strike in all trades, sectors, and industries in all parts of a city, state, or country. Occupy is planning to strike for immigrant rights, economic, social & environmental justice and labor rights, peace with justice, civil liberties, housing, education, and health care as human rights, women’s rights and gender equity. May Day is intended to be a day for the 99% to take a stand against the way the system has enslaved us and to take a day to be human again.

We spend countless hours running errands, typing documents, and just putting our noses to the grind to barely make it paycheck to paycheck; the time has come to rise against this prison known as the cubicle and take a stand together. Choose to take a day for yourself, live again, be with your family and friends, and above all show the 1% what a day would be like without the 99%.


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