Middle-Aged Man Searches for New Pain-Relieving Options


Jim woke up with back pain everyday for 15 years.  He had no idea where it was coming from, or how to ease the discomfort.

This image is from webmd.com

It had gotten worse as he got older. But heck, he was only 38 years old.  He had been very active through high school and college., and he had always considered himself to be fairly healthy.

He tried taking every over-the-counter pain reliever known to man. No luck. He met with an orthopedic doctor to have his muscles and bones examined.  Still no luck.  Jim even met with a neurologist to see if that’s where his pain had originated.  Again, no luck.

Jim had all but given up on his quest for comfort when he overheard two co-workers in the break room of his nine to five.

“My son swears it’s changed his life.  He couldn’t even take his dog on a walk anymore because his pain was so terrible. But then he went to that Holistic Practitioner you told me about. It’s only been but a few weeks, and he already feels so much better.”

Jim replays the conversation between his co-workers over and over again in his head. He got the name and phone number of the Holistic Practitioner from one of the women he overheard raving about the doctor.  He picked up the phone and called the Doctor.


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