Your aura is showing.


The aura is a spiritual and metaphysical idea where objects and people have a radiation of energy that surrounds them. This energy represents a halo like effect and often gives one a power or holiness. Every person or object has a different aura depending on their personality, mood, and what you are experiencing in your world at any given time. A persons aura is composed of the vibrations of electromagnetic radiation and UV lights in response to the external surroundings. Auras are considered paranormal because they can not be explained or proven, therefore the aura is a mystery that a lot of people cannot bring themselves to believe. The idea actually has a rich history with those in the Buddhist, Christian faith or other advanced spiritual beings claiming they can actually see auras. Prehistoric paintings actually showed people with golden halos. Nature gave us our senses in order to see auras but one also has to believe they can see in order to truly see. Auras give us information about the object our person, which is why seeing an aura can be an important skill to have, even if you don’t believe in the spirituality of it all. Seeing a person with a bright and clean aura provides a spiritual signature that tells us you can trust that the person has good intentions regardless of their physical appearance. I find this interesting because I find myself judging people on their appearance, dress and demeanor and don’t take into account the “vibrations” they are giving off. This can be helpful for us to know as well.

Auras contain different colors as pictured above. New age pop culture has given those colors straight forward meanings that may not actually depict what the shade is meant to mean. The colors mean different things depending on the shade and where they energy comes from but there are some guidelines that can help one tell how to read someone.

  • Red-materialistic thinking
  • Blue-Balanced and survival
  • Purple-Truly spiritual
  • Turquoise-Energized and influential
  • Green-natural healing
  • Yellow-joy, freedom
  • Orange-Powerful and inspiring
  • Pink-balance between materialistic and spiritual-love
  • Brown-unsettled
  • Black-unresolved karma
  • Gray-Dark and depressing thoughts
  • White-lack of harmony between the body and mind

Everyone has an aura to see and not only does it help to see someones spiritual and emotional sides, but it can also help predict physical malfunctions. Since we don’t usually seek out auras or try to improve them, our auras are very weak. We suppress our need to develop the conscienceless or our true nature, because we are too busy with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. By doing this we are suppressing our auras as well. Knowing that we are giving off an aura of some kind and improving what it is we give off will help us be able to recognize others intentions. What more evidence that do you need believe in the impact of the aura?

Everything on earth has an aura. From a table to the next stranger you meet.  This video tells us how to practice seeing auras.

So remember your aura is showing. Show it off right.


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