Introduction to Holistic Healing.


What Jim and millions of other Americans have recently been learning is that there is another option out there.  This new idea of holistic healing incorporates all aspects of a person- the mind, body, and spirit. 

We all know that our bodies’ systems are interconnected.  The idea behind holistic healing is that if we take care of each of those individual systems, then our whole system will work much better.  The individual systems I’m referring to are the body, mind, and spirit.

The American Holistic Medical Association points out that a holistic approach sees the patient as a “unique individual, not as an “example of a particular disease.”  So the holistic approach tries many different ways to heal a person.  For example, Jim’s plan to ease his back pain is much different than his co-worker’s son’s plan. 

Think of it like this. If you and all your friends went to Happy-Hour at Applebees this Friday night, and you each ordered five Brewtus beers, would each of you react the same way after the last sip?  Would Suzie’s speech be slurred?  Would Patti’s laugh get a little louder?  Would Tim start getting tired?  Would you not have started to feel the effects of the alcohol after the fifth?  You see, each of our bodies react to situations and circumstances differently, so why would we treat a disease or pain the same cookie cutter way?


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