Quiz your body, quiz your mind.


Interested in knowing more about how your chakras? Like how weak or strong they are or even how in the heck you can help yourself open them in order to achieve the mind, body balance everyone craves? We’ll the world-wide web can in fact provide you with those answers put proceed with caution, you are getting spiritual results over the web.

The following are the chakra tests that I have taken and I have them ranked in the order I found most helpful.

1. The 3 minute chakra test: by Carol Tuttle, author and creator of energy healing 101. She also has a series of YouTube videos relating to different aspects of holistic healing through the use of the chakras. Here is just one of her videos on “3 tips to get anything you want!”

This test literally took me less than a couple minutes to complete and receive the following results. I then put my email in for further results where they look me step by step into what it meant when it said “crown chakra was closed.” I was surprised at how accurate the results seemed when I realized what missing each chakra meant to my mind and body. I have received several follow-up emails that give me more thoughts on how I can improve and open these chakras.

2. Electric energies Chakra test: This test was 56 questions where you could answer from not at all to definitely. The test was a little more lengthy than the first and the option to see what this means just took me to an introduction to each chakra, which was information I already knew. It would be helpful though that this test would tell you if you are over-active in one or more chakras, since that can result in negative results as well.


3. The Color Chakra test: This test was only probably 10 questions but made the taker pick colors, pictures and situations during the test in order to get answers. The results told me that i was a spiritual nomad and that I needed to work on my communication skills, which I don’t see as “myself” as the other two results.


So try them out, see what chakras are strong, closed and weak. If you do please take my poll and tell me what you think! I know my results from these tests have me thinking about ways to improve my emotional/spiritual health.


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