Save the Whales!


After learning of the destruction that takes place in the oceans, I knew I had to do something. However, the issue really hit home for me when I took a trip up to Maine. While in Bar Harbor, Maine, my family and I went on a whale watching tour. This tour allows you to see the whales in their natural habitat. Part of the proceeds of the tour benefits the Saves the Whales fund. At the end of the tour, you can even donate more money to the cause and receive a pin to help the public awareness campaign.

Watching the free whales playing together and breeching in the air made me even more passionate about the cause. Here are some photos from my trip:

There are several ways you can help!

First, you can adopt a whale! By adopting a whale, the funds helps Whales on Wheels (WOW), outreach programs, educational programs and you will even receive an image of your whale.

Second, you can become a member of Save the Whales! Make a difference!

Third, you can sign the petition to save the whales.

So, take the next step…get involved…save the whales!


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