“The Help”: A New Age Reflection


The subtitle of the film reflects back to changing ourselves before we can start changing the world, and that’s exactly what The Help inspires us to do.

Once seeing the book on screen, there is a new found appreciation for the entire story. It is a very well-made film. Throughout the film, we are constantly reminded of what it was like to live in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s, whether you were white or black; high society and high anxiety.

A “new age” sprung up with Skeeter Phelan, a young educated white woman returns to Jackson and starts to change things with a whisper. No spoilers or reveals here if you haven’t seen the movie, or read the book.

Much of The Help reminded us of a society in the 1960s South that was accepting of “colored” people, but also not so accepting. Black women working as maids in white women’s homes; cooking, cleaning, and even raising the white kids. All the while, the white women seem to enjoy themselves everyday with Bridge club, benefits, and strolls in the parks, free from any stares and glares. Aside from the main story, The Help gave a glimpse into what can change a society’s biases and prejudices; when an educated woman decides to write about something that is taboo, but necessary to share with the world, that is a step toward change, and ultimately a new age…a new generation.

The overall society depicted in the movie somewhat reminded me of most of the people who are currently supporting presidential candidate Rick Santorum; prejudice, and a vast majority uneducated past high school. The same type of people who WOULD say something like this:

In The Help, there was a wonderful quote, “Sometimes courage skips a generation, but I’m glad you brought it back into our family.” This spoke volumes in terms of change for a new age. Change does happen, and every time it occurs, a new age movement is born. There comes a pivotal point in people’s lives where they do gather the courage to help change things for the better, and educate those who don’t know, and bring them into society without the cluttered baggage of the past.


About Take It Or Leave It

I like to write for the enjoyment of telling a story. My passion is writing and living a story. I love to watch movies, listen to music, and read various interesting articles, and then voice my opinions and thoughts about them. I also love to travel to new places, and even explore and discover new places in my hometown of Cincinnati. Driving around is a story within itself.

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