“No one should die making apparel.” – Scott Nova


Last week I found myself preparing for an upcoming conference with a little retail therapy. I came home and eventually ended up watching Nightline  and a story by investigative reporters, Brian Ross (@brianross), Matthew Mosk (@mattmosk) and Cindy Galli caught my eye. A little over a year ago, 29 workers were killed in a factory fire at a textile factory in Bangladesh that produces clothing for not only Tommy Hilfiger but also, Kohl’s, Gap, and many other big-name retailers. Now, this factory fire is not the first and unfortunately will not be the last if production standards don’t change. It is reported that numerous exits were locked to prevent theft, but in reality those locks aided in the nightmare that was the factory fire.

Below is a link to the actual Nightline investigation where they confront Hilfiger at a fashion show and are immediately escorted out of the fashion show after Hilfiger lied about pulling his productions out of Bangladesh.
Scott Nova, the Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium, says that Bangladesh is the cheapest place in the world to manufacture clothing hence why so many big-name companies choose to produce goods there. These companies usually pay a measly .21 cents an hour with little worker health and safety regulations making it by far the cheapest and easiest place to manufacture apparel.

“No one should die making apparel. It is not an inherently dangerous industry.” (Scott Nova)

Below is a video detailing wage protests that have taken place in Bangladesh. WARNING: This video contains some images that may be disturbing.

Lastly, I encourage you to watch this report by Press TV detailing not just Bangladesh but the use of outsourcing labor in the United States.


 After you take in the injustice and inhumanity of the outsourcing of labor overseas, I want this post to be a tool for education. Look to your brands of clothing and be educated on what brands your wear and how they are produced. Stay tuned to Everywherealways.wordpress.com for ways to make a difference.

Peace, Love, and an Ethical you!



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  1. OK–so all the brands mentioned in the Press TV video use the same facilities in Bangladesh to manufacture their clothes. Is this a lose–lose situation? The workers there are either exploited, injured, or killed in the process. The consumers in the US get hoodwinked into thinking there is a real difference in what they purchase. Somebody must win. Oh, that must be the 1% that make it in the news at times. Did your hear that a 20% tax on snack foods was proposed in the UK while top earners would get additional benefits. Nice move: tax someone when they get hungry; give them a tax break when they amass a fortune.

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