Desperate Housewives Sheds Light on Top 1%



In recent episodes of the series finale season, Carlos has undergone intense alcohol rehab.  It was his first day back to work that   he realized he no longer wanted to be a top executive.  Gaby (Gabrielle) had bought him a brand new tie to show off at the office, and to her surprise Carlos was none too pleased with the gift. 

Carlos left the house that morning telling Gaby that he wanted to make a difference.  Gaby thought nothing of it, and off Carlos went to work.  It wasn’t until later that afternoon that Gaby received a phone call from her husband’s secretary, urging her to come to the office. 

At the drop of a hat, Gaby rushed to Carlos’ office.  She was shocked at what she saw before her- a line of previously laid off workers out the door.  As Gaby wound through the line leading into her husband’s office, she was stopped by his secretary.  The secretary informed Gaby that Carlos was writing checks with very large dollar amounts to every employee that he has laid off in his path to wealth and riches. 

By the time Gaby reached Carlos, he had already begun writing checks out of their personal account.  To no loyal Housewives fan’s surprise, Gaby ripped up the check in front of the needy man and his son.

Carlos told Gaby that he wanted to really make a difference in peoples’ lives and give back.  He was ready to give up their lavish belongings to become a counselor.  After days of rebuttal, Gaby finally gave in to support Carlos’ career change.


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