Desperate Housewives Sheds Light on Top 1%



So maybe the writers of the show weren’t calling on the viewers to go out and quit their jobs.  I do think that they were trying to instill a sense of hope among the people.  How could a wildly unrealistic Sunday night sit-com achieve this monumental feat?

Isn’t any movement based on some hope that the movement, and each individual’s efforts, will effectively result in some change?  After all, Ms. Parks didn’t stay seated in the front of the bus for nothing. 

But the Occupy movement isn’t about black or white or yellow or brown.  It’s about inequality of wealth. Occupy began in September of 2011 as “Occupy Wall Street”.  Movement was widespread across the country, and then the world.  In fact, there are almost too many locations where the movement is taking place, that there have been web pages dedicated to finding a movement in a city near you.  You can find the movement anywhere from Honolulu, to Spain, to the capitol of Kentucky, Frankfort.   

Some protesters have run into some problems, but they’re still making headlines; and they’re still creating awareness and gaining followers.

They all have hope that one day their current financial situation will improve.  They have hope that they will get a call today offering them a job, or at least an interview.  They have hope that they will be able to afford to move out of their parents’ basement in a few months.  They have hope that this Christmas they will be able to buy gifts for their loved ones.  They Have Hope.


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  1. Hope! Could be that not too long ago the folks you mention were hoping for a new BMW, a Caribbean cruise, or a corner office with stock options. My, how the conversation has changed.

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