Get Stress Gone, Bang a Gong


Gong therapy provides an alternative to Western medicine for stress relief

Although the gong has been used in numerous cartoons as comedic relief, leaving the character vibrating after a swift bang of the gong, the vibrating sounds resonating through your body can actually provide a new age alternative for stress relief.

The gong, which is thought to have originated in East and Southeast Asia, when used properly can release vibrations considered to be “free energy.” When gongs are played right, the instrument produces a wide spectrum of harmonics that are based on pressure waves. The gong sound vibrates what is known as the energy meridians in the body and brings them into balance.  Gong sound can be used to rebalance the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Don Conreaux is known for his ability to harness the healing powers of the gong sound and immerse his followers in what is known as a gong bath. In a reclined or seated position, receivers are bathed in the organic, deep, nurturing sound of the gong. The gong bath helps the mind stop chattering and provide a deeper form of relaxation. Conreaux claims “the gong sound draws the anger and negativity out of a person like a vacuum.” The sound of the gong penetrates every cell and fiber of your body releasing blocks, helping to reduce tensions, and stimulate circulation.

Gong therapy can include both listening to the gong and also playing the gong. When playing the gong, Conreaux recommends you “approach the gong with respect and a certain amount of reverence.” The gong has numerous tones that give out frequencies considered high healing vibrations. By sitting tall and extending your spine while playing the gong, the Kundalini energy can travel through your body, increasing the potency of the spiritual activity.

If you are interested in experiencing the sounds of the gong instead of playing the gong, there are multiple ways to relieve stress with gong therapy. Conreaux, the gong master, conducts gong therapy sessions across the globe. There are also recordings of gong sounds that can provide relief for the tension caused by stress, as well as facilities that offer a wide range of Eastern stress relief therapies.

By opening your mind to the Eastern tradition of gong therapy to combat stress, you can help begin the healing process for your mind, body, and spirit. Go ahead, get your gong on!


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