Be a Locavore Ecofeminist and Eat In Season


To explore the nexus between humankind and the environment, I am becoming a locavore and embracing ecofeminism in order to live a healthier inclusive lifestyle through the preservation of all life within the environment. This includes eating produce that is regional and in season from farmers’ markets, bin deliveries, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), or even your own garden. Below are five palpable adaptations that can be made in your everyday life to embrace your ecofeminist from within:

1: Eating in Season 

Research your local seasonal produce at .

2: Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

Find your local farmers’ market at

3: Have Locally Grown Organic Food Delivered to You

Visit to place an order.

4: Join a CSA

Locate your Community Supported Agriculture farm at .

5: Grow Your Own Garden

Learn how to grow your own produce garden at .


It is essential to acknowledge that local organic farming allows us to build an accepting community that is environmentally aware, and emphasizes shared power between nature and humankind to prosper an equal and healthy relationship.

To learn more about these adaptations watch:

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