Kony 2012 Movement Inspires Hunger Games Trilogy and Vice Versa



As previously mentioned, District 13 and the rebels released videos to rally support for the revolution.  They created awareness for the cause, updated the citizens of Panem on the revolution, and sparked pride in the movement.

Just like the rebels in the Mockingjay (third book in the Hunger Games series), people have rallied to create awareness for the children and people who have fallen victims to the LRA. 

A group called Invisible Children has set out to start their own propos, or social movement called Kony 2012.  According to an article by ABC News, Invisible Children want to “harness the power of the internet to raise awareness…” amongst other things. 

The Kony 2012 video, which reached over 100 million hits in a matter of days, goes on to say, “We are making Kony world news by redefining the propaganda we see all day every day that dictates who and what we pay attention to”. 

Notice a familiar word there?

Kony has been indicted on numerous accounts by the International Criminal Court.  Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 video awareness movement hope to put arresting Joseph Kony, once and for all, at the highest level of priority on officials minds.

But is simply watching an informational piece of propaganda enough?  Is posting the video to your Facebook page or tweeting a link going to save these children?  I think we both know the answer.


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