Modern Science Has Turned Us Into Wimps,Push Through The Pain with the Martial Arts


Universal to All Martial Arts

Although style and philosophies of martial arts vary, there are some universal benefits.

  1. You will become more fit.  Your heart rate will improve and your stamina will increase.
  2. You will lose weight.  An average martial art workout can burn up to 500 calories an hour while providing a full body workout.
  3. Your body will become more toned and your muscularity better defined.
  4. Quickness and reaction time will improve.
  5. You will develop a better mental attitude and be less prone to depression.

But what is most important you will realize that your body is capable of so much more.  Obviously, the martial arts may not be suitable for some, but if you are already somewhat physical and leery of pharmacology as the cure for pain and depression, then, perhaps, the martial arts are for you.

Interested?  Read my article!!


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