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Ethical Accessories


If you are anything like me, you have recently seen countless friends become engaged or even been in attendance for their weddings. While I remain single, yet married to my school work and jobs – I can still appreciate a delicious, fabulous, and stunning diamond ring. On the plus side I get to see all of my friends rings before one is graciously placed on my hand. I like to think of it as window shopping! 🙂

On that same note, while admiring the sparkle, you have to keep in mind where those beautiful diamonds have come from. I want to clarify what conflict diamonds are as well as how the concept of “Fair Trade” works.
Conflict Diamonds

-“In relation to diamond trading, conflict diamond (also called a converted diamond, blood diamond, hot diamond, or war diamond) refers to a diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, invading army’s war efforts, or a warlord’s activity, usually in Africa where around two-thirds of the world’s diamonds are extracted.” (Blood Diamonds)

-According to Brilliant Earth, a source for “Ethical Origin Fine Jewelry”,  “Conflict diamonds,” according to the most widely-used definition, are diamonds that finance rebel movements against recognized national governments. These diamonds are also referred to as blood diamonds. Many retailers offer “conflict free diamonds,” providing only a limited promise that their diamonds do not finance these violent rebel groups.”

What can you do?

  • When purchasing, look to fair trade retailers.

“Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers…”

  • Contribute to organizations that help the victims of blood diamond harvesting and the civil unrest it has caused.

Hands for Africa is a non-profit organization working to restore lost hope to those devastated by the civil war in Sierra Leone. We support amputees by developing and implementing self-reliance programs and providing the necessary aid for the advancement of these self-reliance programs. Below is a video detailing the work that they do.

Do your homework on how certain conflict-free diamonds are harvested and sold. Below are links to various resources of where to buy or even just browse non-conflict diamonds.

Peace, love, and sparkling ethically sourced diamonds for all!