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Brand Recognition is Killing Your Dog


How many times have you chosen a particular brand of anything simply because it’s the one you’d heard of and therefore it seems of higher quality than the other brands?

If you’re like me, you’ve done that more often than you can remember (or would like to admit). It seems like a perfectly logical thought process: you can recall the name which means you’ve heard of it, which means someone probably told you about it, and since you can’t recall it being negative, it must have been positive.


Unfortunately, the answer is not always that cut and dry, which Danielle discussed earlier. Sure, there may be plenty of situations where both choices are equally valid. Choosing one type of soda over another, for example, is probably not doing any more harm than simply choosing a soda in the first place. But it many instances, the brands you choose can mean a world of difference in your life, and particularly, the life of your pets.

To see how you can cut through the clutter and understand what you’re buying, follow me over here for the full story.